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It’s Not Always Hot In Cleveland: Cavs Fire Mike Brown … Again

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Cred: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time his career (and the second time in four years) Mike Brown was fired as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The news broke on the Cavs’ Twitter feed today:

The first time he was fired – way back in 2010 – Brown was sacrificed in an ultimately fruitless effort to prevent LeBron James from infamously taking his talents to South Beach. From all indications, this time around it was a chemistry issue. Owner Dan Gilbert and players (including Kyle Irving) didn’t buy into Brown’s play calling, executions, and schemes.

Assuming he doesn’t accept another head coaching job, Cleveland will be on the hook for the $16 million left on Brown’s contract, which was signed last summer. And, on top of that, he can triple dip and become a TV announcer while accepting his paycheck from the media outlet … and the Cavs … and the Lakers (who fired him early last season). Not a bad day’s work there, Mike.

Before I share this, I must note that most of my family is from the “Mistake on the Lake” (otherwise known as Cleveland), with the exception of my late mother. There was an old joke my mother used to tell us in front of my late grandfather (who loved the city of Cleveland with all his heart) that I find so appropriate at the moment.

Where do you go in Cleveland if you’re an author and you can’t come up with a title? A: Any sporting venue in the city.

Ah, the futility in the home of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame continues.

[H/T to Pro Basketball Talk for the tip]

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