Indians cut beer and hot dog concession prices at Progressive Field, well done Indians

Progressive Field is cutting beer prices, count us in. (David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)

Cheap beer is exactly what we like to hear at Gamedayr. The Cleveland Indians have decided to cut beer and hot dog concession prices to $4 and $3, respectively, according to Eric Fisher of Sports Business Journal.

Is this April Fool’s Day? No, no it is not.

Is the end of the world coming? Nope, we don’t think that is happening either.

According to Fisher (via Hard Ball Talk) the “concession price cuts come after club research found it a major issue inhibiting ticket sales.”

A $4 beer isn’t necessarily cheap, especially considering the fact that you will be paying for Bud, Bud Light, and other American mainstream brews, but it is at least affordable.

With beer prices ranging upwards of $8 at most ballparks, it seems like the bargain of a lifetime. Not only will the Indian’s sell more tickets, but they will also sell a heck of a lot more beers.

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