Clippers’ new sleeved jerseys leaked in NBA 2K14 simulation

los angeles clippers blue sleeves jerseys

Whether you like it or not, the sleeved jersey revolution continues. This time, the Clippers will be sporting a set of powder blue, sleeved adidas jerseys for the 2013-14 season.

Basically, Chris Paul and Co. will be wearing what are basically t-shirts at various points next year. We did not find out about the new look from any sort of official unveiling, but rather a video game. It is a leak that is just so perfectly 2013.

Footage of NBA 2K14 – not set to be released for another week as of writing – shows Lob City doing what they do best. In some shots, Blake Griffin is dunking on fools in the franchise’s regular white tanks. In others, the new sleeved blues are in action.

Remember, when contemplating whether you like these, or feel like they’re better fit for Wal-Mart, the other Los Angeles franchise has been busy designing a gorgeous set of all-black, regular style uniforms for its fans, termed “Hollywood Nights.”

[H/T: SB Nation]