Colin Kaepernick challenges Gronk to a bro-off and there’s nothing wrong with it

A star athlete letting loose after he slaved in a weight room, practice facilities, and on the field for the last 10 months — no way?!

National Enquirer wasn’t about to let an offseason-Kaepernick fly under the radar, and took the following photo of him on a cruise off the coast of Mexico.

The man is living the dream, and deserves to after the season he just put together. Between Kaep, and Gronk raging shirtless at a club in Vegas, it is sure to be quite the entertaining offseason.

The Enquirer may report on it like it’s a problem, but nay we say. It would be a problem if he didn’t partake in body shots from beautiful women in bikinis.

Do your thang, Colin.

h/t National Enquirer

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