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College football’s most valuable teams for 2013 according to Forbes

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Cred: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Forbes has released its list of most valuable college football teams for the 2013 calendar year.

To no one’s surprise, the Texas Longhorns top the list with a team value of $139 million. Notre Dame is the closest program to Texas, but still has a value ($117 million) of more than $20 million less than the Longhorns.

Alabama checks in at No. 3 with a value of $110 million, followed by LSU at $105 million.

Rounding out the top five is the Maize ‘n Blue. Michigan is currently valued at $104 million.

The Florida Gators kick off the bottom half of the top 10 at $94 million. They are followed by Oklahoma ($92 million), Georgia ($91 million), Ohio State ($83 million), and Nebraska ($80 million).

The SEC leads all conferences with four programs listed in the top 10.

To put Texas’ valuation into perspective, look no further than the Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State is widely considered one of the top programs in the land; however, Texas is valued at 1.67 times more than the Buckeyes.

Chris Smith of Forbes determined the value of each team utilizing a handful of factors. He describes the methodology below:

To determine college football’s most valuable teams, we consider each team’s value to its athletic department, its university’s academic endeavors, its conference and its school’s local economy. Athletic value consists of football profit that is directed toward supporting non-revenue sports, like softball or gymnastics, while a team’s value to academics consists of money that supports football scholarships or other non-athletic programming, like faculty support, non-athletic scholarships or a library fund. Conference value consists of revenue generated for other conference teams by participating in a bowl game, and a team’s value to its local community consists of the direct spending injected by fans visiting the area on days of the team’s home games.

Our financial data is for the 2012-13 season, and we utilize team revenues and expenses as reported to the Department of Education. We also standardize those financial figures to account for differences in each school’s accounting practices.

Following is Forbes complete list of the most valuable teams in the NCAA.

  1. Texas (Value: $139 million, Revenue: $109 million, Profit: $82 million)
  2. Notre Dame ($117, $78, $46)
  3. Alabama ($110, $89, $47)
  4. LSU ($105, $74, $48)
  5. Michigan ($104, $81, $58)
  6. Florida ($94, $75, $49)
  7. Oklahoma ($92, $70, $45)
  8. Georgia ($91, $66, $40)
  9. Ohio State ($83, $61, $38)
  10. Nebraska ($80, $56, $35)
  11. Auburn ($77, $75, $39)
  12. Arkansas ($74, $61, $32)
  13. USC ($73, $58, $35)
  14. Texas A&M ($72, $54, $36)
  15. Penn State ($71, $59, $30)
  16. Wisconsin ($70, $51, $19)
  17. Washington ($66, $56, $33)
  18. South Carolina ($65, $49, $24)
  19. Oregon ($64, $54, $33)
  20. Tennessee ($63, $55, $28)

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