Alabama Crimson Tide Football Gameday Parking

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General Public

Campus Parking Map

On Campus

The east side of UA’s Campus offers a handful of first come first serve public parking lots, and charges only $20 per vehicle. Click on the parking map to see exact locations of all on campus public parking lots (lots are colored orange and black). Following are a list of lots that offer game day parking.

  • Grass Soccer Lot – $20/game
  • Bryce Grass Parking Lot – $20/game (SPECIAL – $10/game for Kent St. and North Texas games)
  • Nursing Grass Lot – $20/game
  • Paved University Medical Center Lot – $30/game ($25 in advance, visit
  • Paved Child Development Center Lot – $30/game ($25 in advance, visit
  • Paved Recreation Center Lot – $30/game
  • Paved Softball Parking Lot – $30/game ($25 in advance, visit

“Reserved” Public

Want hassle free parking? Reserve your spot in the 800-plus space paved Soccer Lot located on University Boulevard (across from Arby’s) which has convenient service via the Crimson Ride Transit System to and from the Quad. The price for a reserved season pass this year is $175. If you are interested in purchasing a parking space, go on-line to for more information. To reserve CLICK HERE.

Off Campus Parking Map

Off Campus

There are several locations throughout Tuscaloosa that offer free and park parking, and a shuttle service to and from the stadium. You can always try your luck scanning the streets on the south side of the stadium for roadside parking, just pay attention to signs and arrive super early. For hassle free reserve a spot in the Soccer Lot on University Blvd across from Arby’s – Downtown offers free parking, and is within a short (1 mile) walk to the stadium. Dontown Parking is closer than the on campus Soccer Lot. Tuscaloosa Transit also offers a shuttle to the stadium from dowtown, for more information visit Shuttle & Public Transportation. The following is a list of available lots.

Downtown Parking Map

  • Intermodal Parking Deck Downtown (Free)
  • Downtown Lot Farmer’s Market (Free)
  • University Mall ($10 w/ Roundtrip Shuttle Service)
  • Tuscaloosa Magnet School (Price determined by lot owner)
  • Central High School (Price determined by lot owner)
  • DCH Hospital (Price determined by lot owner)
  • 15th St near Central High School (Price determined by lot owner)
  • Downtown Plaza on corner of University Blvd & Queen City Ave ($20)
  • Parkview Center at 15th St and Hackberry Ln ($20)

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Season Ticket/Reserved

Alabama Season Ticket Holders have the opportunity to purchase on campus season parking prior to football season. Parking lot locations are located on the Campus Parking Map above, and are highlighted in green. For more information visit

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RV, Bus & Other

General Public

RV Parking Map

The majority of RV Parking on campus is reserved, and is usually sold out prior to the season. UA  offer one first come first serve RV lot located at the old Northington Campus by University Mall. The lot opens on Thursday, is free to the public, and does not require a reservation. For information on this lot call (205) 262-2811. Below are multiple lots located in and around Tuscaloosa that offer RV parking:

  • Tuscaloosa Marines RV Parking –
  • CDL-RV Parking – (205) 759-2808, Lynn Bobo (Located near Downtown Northport)
  • Intelligent Parking Systems (4 RV Lots located in Tuscaloosa including Old Tuscaloosa Chevrolet Lot) – (205) 991-6900 or
  • 4 R Arena – Robert T. Burns. 205-799-4601 or 205-345-7427 (Located 20 minutes from campus and hookups are available, weekend or long term parking)
  • Sunset Travel Parks – (205) 553-9233, Pete & June Dudkewitz (Located on JVC Road in Cottondale, AL.)
  • Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation – (205)562-3220 or Debra Gibson, (Located at the Ray C. Jenkins Multi-Purpose Arena)
  • Easter Seals RV Parking – 1-800-726-1216 ext. 230 or (205) 759-1211 ext. 230, or (Located near DCH Hospital)
  • University Mall Parking – (205) 553-8415 ext. 5, Roger Gregg (Located behind the Mall in the back parking lot)
  • Bama RV Station – (205) 722-0501, Bruce Taylor (Located in Cottondale on Skyland Blvd. East)
  • Woods & Water, Inc. – (205) 342-4868, Mark Hughes (Located in Tuscaloosa behind the Wal-Mart)
  • Capitol School P.T.A. RV Parking – (205) 758-2828 or (Located at the end of University Blvd on 6th Street in Tuscaloosa)
  • City of Northport RV Parking – (205) 339-7000, Scott Collins or Julie Ramm (Located between Bridge Avenue and Lurleen Wallace Boulevard in downtown Northport)
  • Regions RV Park – 1-800-466-8378 or (Located next to Regions Park in Hoover, AL)
  • Knox Hill RV Resort – (205) 372-3911
  • Lake Lurleen State Park – (205) 339-1558
  • Candy Mountain RV Park and Campground – (205) 553-5428
  • Mirror Lake R.V. Park – (205)225-2758, 10716 Mirror Lake Circle, Vance, AL. 35490
  • 8 lots for RVs with full hookups. Mt. Olive community area, off 82 W in the Northport area. 10 miles to campus. $320 a month all inclusive. Mark Martin 205-394-4083


Reserved RV Parking is sold on a season basis, and is sold out for the 2011 football season. Lot locations are located on the RV Parking Map above, and are highlighted in red. All on campus reserved RV lots open at 6 pm on Friday. For more information contact (205) 348-6113. For those arriving Thursday your best bet is to head to the Northington Campus Lot and then move to your reserved space on Friday.

Reserved RV Guidelines

    1. Entry is permitted into all Campus RV lots no earlier than 6:00 p.m. on Friday before Game day.  Do not block the entrance before entry time or stage on campus prior to 6:00 p.m.  All RVs must be out of the lot by noon on Sunday of the same weekend.
    2. You must park the RV and its tow vehicle or trailer within the assigned Space in the manner for which the Space was designed unless there is available designated tow vehicle parking in the Lot.  Tents and/or awnings also must be set up only within your assigned Space.  You must not park the RV and tow vehicle or trailer or set up tents or awnings in a manner that encroaches on the assigned Space of another person.
    3. The University presented a plan to Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue (TFD) to park RVs in parking lots and the TFD agreed with the plan.  The configuration of the RVs in the plan leave drive lanes for fire access and also allow pedestrian flow in case of a fire.
    4. Due to limited space, only one (1) tow vehicle or trailer is permitted in the assigned Space.  Visitors’ tow vehicles are not allowed to park in the Lot.
    5. The tow vehicle or trailer must enter the Lot with the Bearer’s RV.  Thereafter, when the tow vehicle exits the Lot, the tow vehicle driver will be given a pass to re-enter the Lot.
    6. Duplication of and/or pass-backs of tow vehicle passes is prohibited.
    7. While in the Lot an RV must display its Permit at all times.
    8. If you plan to run a generator, you must connect it to an exhaust stack that extends above the RV’s roof.  You may be required to shut down a generator which is operating without the required exhaust stack.
    9. If you are running a generator which produces a noise level that disturbs others, you may be required to baffle its sound or shut it down.  Generally, a generator which when running produces a noise level that exceeds eighty (80) decibels is deemed too loud and disturbing to others.
    10. Everyone is required to bag all garbage and trash and place it in a proper trash receptacle prior to exiting the lot.
    11. To ensure your safety and the safety of others, no open fires will be allowed on the open ground or in fire pits.  Enclosed gas grills will be allowed for cooking purposes.  Enclosed charcoal grills are not recommended, but will be allowed.  All burned charcoal must be disposed of in the proper manner, away from university property.
    12. Use of UA electricity or cable TV is prohibited.
    13. You are responsible for the conduct of their children and guests.  Any excessive use of scooters, motorcycles, golf carts, etc. in the Lot will not be tolerated and could result in revocation of the Permit and ejection from the Lot.  Underage children should not be allowed to operate these scooter, golf carts, or vehicles.
    14. No excessively loud music or noise will be tolerated at any time.  If loud music or noise becomes disturbing to others, you may be required to lower the music and/or noise level or cease it altogether.  Please be courteous of others.
    15. The use of spikes or stakes in paved Lots is prohibited.
    16. Care must be taken to prevent levelers from damaging the paved surface of your Space.  You must place under the levelers plywood, or any other flat material, that is sturdy, of sufficient thickness, and sufficient size in order to distribute the weight over enough area to prevent damage to the paved surface.
    17. You are not permitted to bring onto the UA campus weapons such as, but not limited to, firearms, fireworks, explosives, knives, bows and arrows, or martial arts equipment.
    18. Possession, delivery, sale, use, or manufacture of any illegal drug and controlled substances or drug paraphernalia containing illegal drug residue is prohibited in the Lot.
    19. Duplicating or modifying, selling, renting, assigning or otherwise transferring a Permit is prohibited.
    20. You agree to abide by all federal, state and local laws, statues, and ordinances, including without limitation, those regarding the possession, dispensing, and use of alcoholic beverages.

Charter Bus

Parking for commercial buses is located on Twelfth Street facing west bound between Eighth Avenue and Sixth Avenue and Hackberry Lane along the Practice Football field. Parking is available at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. Any commercial vehicle larger than a 15-passenger van would apply. Please note that 15-passenger vans are considered cars for parking purposes.

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Handicap Parking Map

UA offers a limited number of disabled parking spots throughout campus. For disabled persons using a wheelchair UA has disabled parking in three locations: Wallace Wade Ave Lot (north side of stadium), Communications Card Lot (west side of stadium), Calvary Baptist Church Lot (south side of Stadium). For all other disabled parking head to the Campus Drive Parking Deck ($20 per vehicle) on Hackberry Lane.

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