Alabama Players Get Wild Haircuts For A Good Cause

If you happen to pass an Alabama football player in Tuscaloosa with a wild haircut leading up to the West Virginia game, it’s likely because he was helping support a good cause.

Right tackle Austin Shepherd threw the first annual “Jocks and Locks” event this past Sunday to benefit his charitable organization, The Austin Shepherd Foundation. Ten football players in total offered up their hair for auction to help fight cancer. A total of $18,000 was raised at the event.

“One of my buddies, we were talking about fundraiser ideas, we talked about, ‘Man these Alabama fans would love to be around y’all,” Shepherd told Saturday Down South. “Auction the cut hair and people will show up.”

Shepherd’s foundation, which was formed in October 2012, has now raised $48,000 including the proceeds from “Jocks and Locks.” Below are a few photos from the event, courtesy of @JocksAndLocks.