Alabama Crimson Tide Trolls Right Through Tiger Stadium

Memo to all universities planning stadium renovation: vet your construction workers. Go through their Twitter feeds; pour over their Facebook accounts; talk to their friends; speak with their relatives. Do everything you can to ensure that there are no (and I mean absolutely, positively zero) allegiances to the University of Alabama.

If you do not take these precautions, a Crimson Tide will roll over your newly redone facilities. It happened to Texas A&M, and now it has happened to LSU.

This roof drain was reportedly added to Tiger Stadium during its recent seat expansion, by one of Bama’s merry pranksters. Les Miles joked that the new nosebleeds would be a perfect place to put Alabama fans, but he couldn’t have seen this coming. Now Death Valley is marked with sign of Lord Saban.

alabama crimson tide

Do not take this information lightly. The Tide rolls deep. It is patient. And when you’re least expecting, it will troll the hell out of you.

You have been warned.

[Bama Hammer]

  • sherrie

    Troll Tide Troll!!!

    • Jon

      the worst fanbase in sports

      • sherrie


        • Jon

          gumps gonna gump. keep being the laughingstock of the entire country.

  • Dexter_Cornberry

    Yeah, and a construction worker got fired at the site of the Texas A&M stadium renovation for draping an Alabama banner on the side of the Kyle Field stands. Then he went public in the local paper about all the crappy work he did. “I’m just saying, you might not want to sit in Section (XX) cause my welding was substandard” Being a native son of Alabama and a former student of Texas A&M, I am somewhat conflicted.