Arkansas RB Knile Davis Can Lift a Car…By Himself (Video)

Razorbacks running back Knile Davis apparently has enough muscles in his legs to lift a car…by himself. Did you parallel park in a tight space, and now your stuck? Call 1-800-Knile-Davis, he is a one man moving crew.

In this video he squats 600 lbs. No big deal. Message to opposing SEC defenses in 2012, simple, watch out.

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  • buckeyes2012

    lol that wasnt even close to being a parallel squat or as low as a box squat would be!!

  • bigstew17

    Love everything about this post, except that his name is “Knile”, not “Kniles”

    • gamedayr

      Thanks bigstew for the correction. Won’t let that slip through again.

  • Thatguy

    That’s no where near a full squat….

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