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Auburn Tigers Football Shuttle & Gameday Transportation


Tiger Transit

During gameday’s Auburn’s shuttle service, Tiger Transit, runs special routes to accomodate fans. The service starts 4 hrs prior to kickoff, runs during the game, and up to 2 hours after the game. The shuttle runs to both on and off campus locations. There have been some route changes for the 2011 season so make sure you update yourself. To track your bus visit Tiger Transit.

2011 Changes: Tiger Town in Opelika is no longer part of the shuttle route.

Off Campus Stops

  • Village Mall (1627-53 Opelika Road)
  • Auburn University Regional Airport (Fly-ins only)
  • Sam’s Club (2335 Bent Creek Road, Exit 57)
  • Duck Samford Park (333 Airport Road, Exit 57)
  • Auburn City Softball Complex (2560 S. College Street, Exit 51)

On Campus Stops

  • War Eagle Way (replaces coliseum as main campus pick up and drop off point)
  • Facilities Division
  • Lem Morrison and Donahue
  • Woodfield and Donahue
  • West Parking Lot (West Thach Avenue)

Handicap Shuttle

A direct shuttle service to the stadium is provided from the Handicap Lot (Lot Y). The shuttle service begins two hours prior to kick-off, runs during the game, and up to two hours after the game.

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References: Auburn University

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