Auburn’s Kerryon Johnson Chugs Mustard To Avoid Cramps

Auburn recruit Kerryon Johnson and current star for Madison Academy in Alabama played against Leeds High School on ESPN last night and he had an interesting way of avoiding cramps.

Johnson, who hurdled a player to score a touchdown immediately went to the sideline not to chug water or Gatorade, but to chug mustard.


While many watched this live and thought “what in the heck is this kid doing?” Johnson was actually being smart about his body, as mustard, and even pickle juice, are thought to reduce the cramps due to sodium levels.

Anyone who’s had a cramp before knows how bad they can be. And I have no doubt many will be trying pickle juice and mustard shots the next time they have to crawl to the fridge after locking up.


[H/T  Next Impulse]