Nick Marshall Cited And Fined For Marijuana Possession

Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall was detained by police on Friday afternoon and cited for marijuana possession. The incident occurred in Reynolds, Georgia (a town southwest of Macon) after Marshall was pulled over for his car’s heavily tinted windows. Upon approaching the vehicle, officers detected the smell of marijuana and followed protocol.

The following from police chief Ronnie Holder, via

“At that time, we conducted a search of the vehicle, found maybe (approximately) 8-10 grams of marijuana, which was less than an ounce,” Holder said, adding that the marijuana was found in the passenger-side visor in a small bag.

Police judged the marijuana to be for personal use, fined Marshall $1,000 for the narcotics and $100 for the window tint, and released him. Had police found an ounce or more of marijuana, Marshall would have been arrested. According to OANow, Marshall has a court date set for September 10, though is not mandated to attend should he pay the fines.

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn released a brief statement on Friday night regarding to the incident.

“I am aware of the situation that happened earlier today with Nick. I’m very disappointed and I will address it with him accordingly.”

In his junior season Marshall captained Auburn’s high-powered offense, navigating the Tigers to the cusp of a BCS Championship. He recorded 3,044 yards of total offense (1,068 rushing/1,976 passing) and 26 total touchdowns in 2013, and is a potential Heisman Trophy candidate for the 2014 season.

Marshall, along with teammates Reese Dismukes and Gabe Wright, is scheduled to speak at SEC Media Days on Monday, July 14. As of post, no announcement has been made whether Marshall will still attend.