Bobby Bowden Vs Steve Spurrier: Who Is The Better Program Builder?

It’s July. Meaning the news cycle primarily consists of your annual A-Rod steroids scandal, some long home runs and Jason Dufner’s party shirt collection. Thus meaning we’re daydreaming about football in the office here at Gamedayr, and spending more time debating hypotheticals than, say, covering which team wants to sign the black hole known as Carmelo Anthony.

One debate ended up getting so heated that we decided to take it to the streets and see what you think. Who would you rather have build your program: Bobby Bowden or Steve Spurrier?

Now bare with me and suspend disbelief on this one for just a bit. If you’re a UF fan, cast aside all that “Bowden is an enabler and dirty coach” talk. If you’re an FSU fan, set down the “Spurrier is a crybaby and pompous asshole” ammo. If you’re neither, then bully for you – you have no jaded lenses to defog.

Would you prefer Spurrier tossing a visor with your school’s colors? Or Bowden dadgumming up and down your sidelines? Below is a tale of the tape. Who are you taking?

Bobby Bowden
bobby bowden

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Years Coached: 40

Programs Coached: 2 (West Virginia, FSU)

Record: 357-124-4 (NCAA adjusted record 346-123-4)

School Records In 3 Seasons Prior To Bowden: West Virginia: 22-5-1, FSU: 4-29

School Records In Bowden’s First 3 Seasons: West Virginia: 23-11 (+1 Win Differential), FSU: 23-11 (+19)

Win Percentage: .740 (.618 at WVU, .760 at FSU)

National Titles: 2

Bowl Appearances: 33 (22-10)

Consensus All-Americans: 24

Record Against Spurrier: 8-5-1

Style: Straw Hat, Southern Cooking

Steve Spurrier
steve spurrier 1

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Years Coached: 25

Programs Coached: 3 (Duke, Florida, South Carolina)

Record: 219-79-2

School Records In 3 Seasons Prior To Spurrier: Duke: 10-23, Florida: 20-16, S. Carolina: 16-19

School Records In Spurrier’s First 3 Seasons: Duke: 20-13 (+10 win differential), Florida: 28-8 (+8), S. Carolina: 21-16 (+5)

Win Percentage: .733 (.603 at Duke, .817 at Florida, .664 at S. Carolina)

National Titles: 1

Bowl Appearances: 20 (10-10)

Consensus All-Americans: 16

Record Against Bowden: 5-8-1

Style: Visor, Sharp Tongue

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Who do you think is better and why? Share your opinion in the comments below!

  • jbowally

    If Spurrier was somewhere bigger than SC he’d have another natty.

  • JameisIsMyHomeboy

    Bowden wipes the floor with that classless jerk and the Gaytors. Wins, titles, head-to-head. Why even waste your time writing this

  • DMC

    Bowden has too much mouth! He can “bull crap” the recruits but a Spurrier can COACH the recruits. Bowden always did it with superior players coming out of high school while Spurrier developed and grew players under his system.