CFB Analyst Takes Shots At Alabama’s Defense And Lane Kiffin

When it rains, it pours for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Fresh off their loss last Saturday to the Ole Miss Rebels, people across the college football landscape are going all in on Alabama, saying things like “the dynasty is over” and talking about how far the Tide have fallen.

One of the latest critics is FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt, who went all in on both the defense as a whole and offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin:

“They have a Nick Saban problem at Alabama,” Klatt said. “He’s turned Alabama into an old Big Ten defense. It’s a big, slow lumbering … they’ve got some serious problems there. There are better programs out there right now than Alabama.”

“He’s (Lane Kiffin) all about the stat sheet,’ Klatt said. “He doesn’t care to grind out the clock. He’s a vanity play-caller. It doesn’t fit well with Nick Saban, but it’s not Lane Kiffin’s fault.”

The entire interview can be seen below:

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  • Dan W Taliaferro

    Alabama, with its big, slow, lumbering defense and vain offensive coordinator, is playing for the national title after destroying Michigan State 38-0. It must be difficult being so wrong so often, Klatt.