College Gameday’s DJ Babi Mac Is Newest Addition To Show Lineup

One of the most iconic songs for college football is Big and Rich’s “Comin’ To Your City” – played at the start of College GameDay. Well, it now has some company.

College GameDay has added DJ and former Tennessee Volunteer basketball star Babi Mac to their lineup, as well as ESPN Music focus.

In a recent interview with Blount Press Row, Mac explained how she got the gig:

“I had a couple songs licensed with ESPN. My song “Shut It Down” played during the Women’s College Softball World Series. ESPN producers fell in love with the music and personality. They asked what else I could do and my team responded with ‘broadcast, radio host, speaker, actress and DJ. They offered the DJ spot. I said, ‘Let’s do it,’ and here we go.”

And that’s not all. Mac, whose real name is Cait McMahan, played under Pat Summit at Tennessee and won two national championships before graduating with a communications degree.

She’s an accomplished athlete, Tennessee graduate AND professional DJ for College GameDay? Talk about a quality pickup for ESPN.