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ESPN Experts Unveil 2014 College Football Picks

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Cred: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s team of 300 college football experts has weighed in on the upcoming season. Okay, 300 is an exaggeration, but 21 did make their picks.

The consensus:

  • The ACC continues to be a one-trick pony
  • Oklahoma’s main competition is Baylor
  • Michigan State is the team to beat in the Big Ten after Braxton Miller’s injury
  • Desmond Howard thinks that Wisconsin is a top five team because he ranked Michigan at No. 6 and they aren’t even his favorite to win the conference
  • Desmond Howard is crazy
  • UCLA and Oregon are the two main Pac-12 contenders
  • The SEC is the typical SEC
  • The national title winner is a mixed bag
  • Chris Speilman actually thinks Baylor is going to win it all
  • Chris Speilman is crazier than Desmond Howard

Without further ado, below are the 2014 college football picks from the Worldwide Leader’s panel of pundits.

espn college football picks 2014

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