ESPN SEC/Pac-12 Graphic Is Puzzling

I respect ESPN’s ability to manufacture embrace debate. I really do. It’s a skill to churn out topics daily that capture people’s attention. But every once in a while they throw something out that is really puzzling.

I present to you: Exhibit A.

Does that graphic make any sense to any of y’all? Maybe there’s a breakdown on my end, but something just doesn’t add up. I mean, I see what they’re going for, but it does not compute.

Bear with me, for I’m about to go all English major on you. Visually, the graphic stacks the deck for the Pac-12. It lists all the returning Pac-12 quarterbacks, but not even all the graduated SEC quarterbacks. Where are Conner Shaw and James Franklin? Even those two names would balance out the scale a little more. More names > fewer names, therefore we have a winner out west.

And shouldn’t it be returning players versus returning players? Or departed versus departed? Does this list mean that Manziel, McCarron, Mettenberger and Murray were worth as much as all the Pac-12 guys listed?

And isn’t a team more than just its QB? Wasn’t that the knock on McCarron’s Heisman credentials: that he was a caretaker. Isn’t the SEC always judged on its defenses?

It’s just … off. Right?

I don’t know. I was primed and ready to give my hot take and tweet the night away on this one, but then the breakdown happened. Maybe a straightforward question would’ve been better. Or a different graphic – straight wins/loses or strength of schedule. Or maybe I just need a stronger pot of coffee.

Anywho, which conference do you think will be better? I’m going with the Pac-12. If only because it’s the contrarian point of view ESPN is out there fishing for.

  • CFFNews

    I watched this last night and had to rewind it to look at it again. I’m glad someone else is as confused as I am.