Florida Gators ‘Insider’ Exposed As Fraud Who Scammed Media, Fans Out Of Money

All across college athletics, fans sign up for websites that promise to give them the latest information and insights on their favorite program. As it turns out, one of those fan sites for the Florida Gators was being run by a fraud.

The twitter account “@ClutchLikeMJ” had claimed to provide information about the orange and blue that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. At the same time, he would charge fans $100 a year to get this info on his message boards online. Wednesday, someone on social media outed him as a fraud:

The site’s provider, who went by the name of “Ryan”, was actually a man named Neil Cool who was using someone else’s name and information and posing as someone else. He wrote an apology on Twitter before deleting the account:

“First and foremost I want to apologize for deceiving all of you. I will address this further at a later date, but I wanted to let you know that everything you read tonight is true. I won’t go into detail about why I did what I did. The personality behind the account is real. I may not have been forthcoming about my appearance and name, but everything else is true.”

Some reports say he made over $50,000 from t-shirt sales and his website. People who cover the team as well as one former Gators player don’t seem surprised by the news:

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