Jaguars President Expects Florida-Georgia To Sell Pool Cabanas

You may-or-may-not have heard by now that EverBank Field is undergoing massive renovations.

pools uf uga game

What if I told you those renovations include a party deck in the north end zone, including a section with pools and cabanas.

uf uga pools

What if I then told you that Jacksonville Jaguars president Mark Lamping expects end zone tickets to be sold for the 2014 game, and then pool and cabana seats for future games.

Florida. Georgia. Poolside. In the stadium. Yes, yes, yes and yes.

We can make this happen. From where I sit, there are two options.

Option A: Jack prices up from the normal $12,500 per game (Jags rates) to $25,000. That’s $500 per head. Make it super plush for the corporate sponsors and wealthiest alumni/debutantes. Turn that section into the highest-priced, most coveted seat in all of college football. I’m talking seafood, steaks, and plenty of top shelf booze. It would be a fundraiser’s dream.

Option B: Split the Cabanas in half and sell the entire pool section as an elite ticket to the game (now it’s $250/head at Jags games – maybe lower it to $150), open to junior and senior students through a separate ticket lottery. Assign one lifeguard per every five people and let the kids party down. One pool for the gators, one for the Dawgs, and a whole lot of fun. Maybe kids get some drink tickets, I don’t know. Maybe there’s all-you-can-eat burgers and dogs. You know, just make it a nice little Saturday tradition.

Time to kick the tires and light the fires on this one, because no matter which route the schools choose it will be awesome. Pools and football: that’s what the WLOCP does.