Is Josh Shaw’s Story Of Rescuing Drowning Nephew True?

On Monday afternoon a heroic story involving USC Trojans senior cornerback Josh Shaw swept across the nation. Shaw reportedly saved his 7-year-old nephew from drowning on Saturday night after jumping off a two-story balcony and rescuing the youngster from the pool. In the process Shaw severely sprained both ankles, and is now out indefinitely as he rehabs his injured legs.

But is the story involving the team captain true? According to Ryan Abraham of, head coach Steve Sarkisian told reporters on Tuesday that he has gotten calls questioning Shaw’s story.

Sarkisian and USC are currently taking a deeper look into the situation, and will hold off on any further comment for now. 

*UPDATE* Here’s video of Sarkisian addressing the media on the Shaw story. Fast forward to the 5:00-minute mark.

  • Alex

    Who believed the story to begin with? People are so gullible..

    Occam’s razor: The simplest explanation is usually the right one, and in the case of a college football player, the simplest explanation is that he got drunk and jumped off a balcony.