That One Time Kliff Kingsbury Brought Bottle Service Girls To Practice

From the sound of it, those glory days in Houston with Kevin Sumlin and Kliff Kingsbury were an overload of swag. In an interview with Dan LeBatard on Wednesday, Kingsbury quipped that he would, “pretty much sell [his] soul to have a good practice,” and that he’s, “not above anything.”

Hearing the keyword “anything,” LeBatard and his cohost pressed Kliff on the craziest thing he has done at practice, which led to an interesting discussion on bottle service. Below is a transcript, courtesy of

(Other show host): What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in an effort to have a good practice?

“When we were at the University of Houston (as an assistant under Kevin Sumlin), we brought an ice cream truck, but we filled it with some girls from one of the clubs, the bottle girls. That was impressive. That was a good practice.”

(LeBatard): Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What did you do? You filled an ice cream truck?

“The bottle service. The cute bottle service girls. In Houston, you can do that. You can’t do that in Lubbock. There is no bottle service in Lubbock.”

How did you end up there? I imagine you’re always around bottle service. Are you kidding me? How have you not had bottle service instituted in Lubbock by virtue of your mere presence?

“I’m still trying to figure that one out.”

If Swaggy K didn’t already have recruits attention with the dance offs and mom flirting, he probably has it now. The rest of America better look out if a bar in Lubbock nuts up to get bottle service. Because if that happens, Kliff Kingsbury has three words for you.

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