Notre Dame Academic Fraud Investigation Rumors Confirmed

The rumor mill was fired up in a serious way on Friday morning when word, involving Notre Dame and academic cheating, began to spread. I suggest taking everything with a grain of salt until it is confirmed, but here are the latest details making the rounds.

Barstool Sports received an email from a reader whose friend played basketball for Notre Dame in 2011.

Not sure if you heard the rumor but supposedly Devaris Daniels, Kendall More, Keivarae Russell & Ishaq Williams are getting booted off the ND team for accepting benefits & they are forfeiting all 2012 wins.

Reporters are scrambling to get this confirmed. It could very well be bullshit but figured I would send this your way.


The players attached to the rumor – WR Daniels, who was recently reinstated after academic suspension, CB Russell, LB Moore and DL Williams – were also missing from Friday’s practice, according to Notre Dame insider Dan Murphy.

A foursome of Notre Dame veterans was not seen leaving the Irish practice field Friday afternoon. Cornerback KeiVarae Russell, defensive end Ishaq Williams, linebacker Kendall Moore and wide receiver DaVaris Daniels were not among the players who exited the LaBar Practice Field Friday.

One heavily followed Twitter account has also tweeted about the rumor and Notre Dame’s Vegas lines.


Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports has confirmed that school officials are currently investigating potential academic fraud.

FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman reports that the four players have been dismissed from the team, but whether or not they will be allowed to return is still unknown.