Ohio State Fans Start Petition To Change Crop Top Ban

The Ohio State Buckeyes return nearly their entire championship team from the 2014 season, but something noticeable will be missing when Urban Meyer’s squad takes the field in 2015. The NCAA unveiled its annual rule changes last week, one of which bans players from wearing crop tops. What this means is that star running back Ezekiel Elliott’s abs won’t be able to intimidate opposing defenders anymore.

Womp womp.

Luckily for Buckeye Nation, this is America, where citizens can file a petition on anything and everything. It might not result in any great change, but hey, at least the fans can voice their opinion.

Ohio State supporters have started a Change.org petition to amend the NCAA rule banning crop tops. As of posting, nearly 5,400 people out of the target 7,500 had signed the petition.

ohio state crop tops petition

In all seriousness, it should be against the law to cover up washboard abs, on anyone, anywhere. I’d never wear a shirt. Unfortunately for me, I’m sporting a different kind of six pack.

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