PHOTO: FSU Grads Working For Marco Rubio Troll Him After ‘Rejects’ Comment

By now, you’ve already heard the comments from Florida Senator Marco Rubio about one of his state’s public universities, as the University of Florida and University of Miami grad told an Iowa radio station that Florida State, the rival school of both his alma maters, was there for people who “couldn’t get into Florida”.

After getting trolled by seemingly every FSU fan and graduate, including the president of the school who reminded the 2016 GOP presidential nominee about his sinking poll numbers, Rubio returned to work at his Washington D.C. office … where he was met with some new decorations compliments of the members of his staff who graduated from Florida State:

It doesn’t look like this is going to be ending anytime soon. I would love for CNN to ask Rubio about the subject during the next debate between the dozens of GOP candidates on Wednesday.

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