SEC SID Football Predictions 2014: Who’s Going To Win Championship?

Each of the SEC’s 14 SIDs (School Information Directors) have weighed in on the how they think the 2014 football season will play out. This year’s predictions peg Alabama and South Carolina as the two teams playing for the championship in December. Auburn and Georgia were picked to finish second in the West and East, respectively.

One SID apparently thinks Gus Malzahn and his Tigers were a flash in the pan, because they voted Auburn to finish 9th. Correlating the overall poll with the East/West poll, the SID is from an SEC East school.

Alabama and Auburn received the highest point totals at 164 and 152, respectively.

Following is the overall poll, as well as the East and West polls. For the division polls: only SIDs from each respective side of the conference voted (i.e Florida’s SID only votes on the East). You’ll notice in the overall poll that Florida is ranked ahead of Missouri, however the Tigers are one spot ahead of the Gators in the East poll. This simply means that the SEC West’s SIDs believe that Florida has a brighter outlook in 2014 than the East’s. Each chart has a noted explanation on how the point totals were achieved.

sec sid football predictions 2014

sec football poll 2014

[via Saturday Down South]