Tommie Frazier tweets criticism of Nebraska and Bo Pelini after Minnesota loss

Tommie Frazier live-tweeted throughout Nebraska’s loss to the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The former national championship winning quarterback was not pleased with the Cornhuskers’ performance.

His tweets suggest that coach Bo Pelini did not have Nebraska prepared to play. This isn’t the first time Frazier has criticized Pelini; earlier this season he called for a coaching change at his alma mater.

After another disappointing loss, and season for that matter, it’ll be interesting to see how Pelini’s future with Nebraska plays out – especially with legends such as Tommy Frazier speaking out.

  • Stew

    Tommie Frazier didn’t win the Heisman, he should have, but he lost to Eddie George

    • JB

      Thanks, Stew. Frazier was so dominant during that time that it slipped my mind he never won the Heisman. Apologies on the error. I’ve updated.–JB

  • Husker for life

    I played on that blackshirts defense with many legends, and I agree the defensive staff needs to scrapped. Pelini is a defensive genius and needs to take over to save this program from any more embarrassment. Pelini’s worth will be demonstrated then but not before showing his grit making some tough decisions.