Florida-FSU Rivalry Blowouts Heavily Favor The Gators

As Steve Spurrier likes to call it, we’re in the “talking season.” It’s the time sandwiched between spring and fall ball, where absolutely nothing is going on. To fill the void fans engage in trash talking, and a whole lot of hype videos.

Florida State hoisted the national championship trophy this past year, while arch-rival UF took a trip down the toilet bowl to a 4-8 season. The Noles have had a ton of fresh ammo to work with this offseason, but that hasn’t stopped the Gators from firing back.

With FSU fans pounding their chests louder than ever on Twitter, InAllKindsOfWeather.com did a little research on the rivalry’s blowouts. Following is a graphic of all games that were decided by a 25+ point differential between the two teams.

florida fsu rivalry

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