Florida Gators’ ‘Beyond Football’ Program Preps Players For Life After Football

One of the lesser discussed parts of the Florida Gators program, “Beyond Football” is a course that teaches players real-world skills. According to Scott Carter of GatorZone, it covers a wide-range of subjects, including:

Drug addiction, dealing with the opposite sex, balancing a checkbook, the importance of a good credit score, writing a resume, how to properly tie a tie, job interview techniques, media training, sexually transmitted diseases, a visit from Planned Parenthood, and the list goes on.

Essentially, Will Muschamp wants to ensure that every player who passes through his program will be a productive member of society, whether he ends up a first round draft pick or a day laborer. The following video is a nice peek behind the veil of the Gators staff taking a vested interest in its players’ futures.

For more on this program, I highly recommend Carter’s article on GatorZone. It’s a fantastic read that lends perspective to life away from the gridiron.