Florida Reinstates Suspended Players For Eastern Michigan Game

If there was one positive to come out of Saturday’s rain-soaked cancelation (other than this epic highlight video), it’s that Florida won’t have to play any minutes without Jay-nard Bostwick, Darious Cummings or Demarcus Robinson. The three players, who were suspended hours prior to the Idaho contest, were reinstated on Monday.

Will Muschamp offered the following statement when announcing all three players would be eligible for the Eastern Michigan game.

“They will be back this week with us,” Muschamp said. “Not just as far as the suspension of a game, but they’ve handled a lot of other things for me, as well as Demarcus Robinson, who had a university sanction that’s been resolved.”

Considering the reinstatement is coming from the grayest of gray areas (technically they did sit out a game … though so did every other player), there was a mixed bag of reactions on twitter.