Chart Shows Drastic Decline In Florida Student Attendance Over Past Five Years

The University of Florida’s struggle to sell student tickets this season has been well documented, especially here. Heck, Jeremy Foley has even penned a letter to the student body urging them to fill the seats.

But it’s not just this season that’s seen a decline. And it’s not just the Gators who have had problems.

Athletic directors all around the country are constantly battling technology to keep fans intrigued with live games. One college in Mississippi is even rolling out a beer garden this fall.

The Wall Street Journal dove into the recent trends in student attendance for college football programs and the numbers are staggering. Since 2009, student attendance is down 7.1% across the board, and 5.6% in the power conferences.

Following is a chart that shows the drastic decline at Florida compared to three other schools. Oddly enough, the Gators saw no increase coming off an 11-2 season in 2012. Since 2009, UF has experienced a 22% drop in student attendance.

florida gators student attendance

To dive deeper into the problem facing universities, visit The Wall Street Journal.