Lito Sheppard Named Honorary Mr. Two Bits For Idaho Game

It’s nearly time for the Florida Gators to kickoff the 2014 season, but before the team takes the field, fans in The Swamp will be treated to one of college football’s most underrated traditions, Mr. Two Bits. The legendary George Edmondson is now retired, but in 2013 the school decided to fill his absence with a celebrity. Last year the likes of Errict Rhett and Chris DiMarco led the crowd in the famous cheer.

To open this season, the Gators have dipped back into their football program’s storied history and picked one of the greatest to ever wear the Orange and Blue: defensive back Lito Sheppard.

“I thought he did a great job, what with being so in character and the outfit and all,” Sheppard told Chris Harry of GatorZone. “But I definitely think I can do a better job as far as getting the crowd hyped.”

Sheppard has definitely got his work cutout for him, but if there is anyone up to the task, it’s the former All-American.

Below is a video of Rhett’s impressive performance from last season.

The Gators face off against Idaho at 7:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, August 30.