Florida’s O’Connell Center Design Renderings Are Stunning


According to Florida’s men’s basketball program, the below renderings are from a firm that unsuccessfully bid on the O’Dome’s renovation. While stunning, NBBJ’s designs do not depict the future look of UF’s multipurpose facility.


With plans to renovate the University of Florida’s 33-year-old O’Connell Center having been recently approved, fans can now take a first look at the O’Dome of the future. On Tuesday, architectural firm NBBJ released these stunning design renderings to Sports Illustrated.

The $45 million renovation will provide the O’Connell Center with a massive facelift both inside and out. A beautiful main entrance will welcome fans to the venue, and the interior will essentially feel like an entirely new arena.

Fans won’t be the only ones to receive a world-class experience. So too will the teams who call the O’Dome home, as the complex’s facilities will undergo a massive overhaul.

The following renderings will give you an idea of what the finished product will look like. For more information on the project, including timeline and details on the improvements, click here.

o'connell center design rendering

o'connell center design rendering 1

o'connell center design rendering 2