Tim Tebow Optimistic For Florida Gators Upcoming Season

With the SEC Network kicking off on Thursday, ESPN has been teasing the life out of its newest endeavor. On Tuesday, the Worldwide Leader aired a sneak peek of analyst Tim Tebow discussing the Florida Gators.

Tebow was complimentary of both Kurt Roper and Jeff Driskel, and expects big things from Driskel – e.g. more confidence, better decision making. The biggest hurdle he foresees is Florida’s schedule (four games against preseason top-25 squads, including road matchups against the nation’s No. 1 and 2 teams).

Below is Tebow’s synopsis of the team, courtesy of Only Gators’ Adam Silverstein.

The biggest change: Kurt Roper. What he did at Duke was very impressive, especially with the talent they have. Now coming over to Florida, even though this is not the most talented team they’ve ever had, you’ve got Jeff Driskel: 6-foot-4, 240 pounds, can run and throw. Seems to me, through this spring, that he’s been a very good leader. I think he’s going to be a different player. He’s going to play with confidence. He’s going to lead that team, and they will have a bounce back season. … But the schedule is a beast. … Their offense is good enough to compete. Their defense makes them good enough to win. …. No question. They’ll be competing for [the SEC East]. … If their offense is good enough to compete and score 20-25 points a game, their defense is good enough with that momentum to win them a lot of football games.

A defense good enough to win games, and an offense good enough to compete: sounds like a balanced assessment from the former Gator.