Will Muschamp Vs Urban Meyer: Who Would You Take?

Saturday Down South stopped in Gainesville to poll some of the students on a very important question that bears little importance: “Who would you rather have roaming the Florida sidelines: Urban Meyer or Will Muschamp?”

Before we get to the video, I do believe I’ll grant myself a little space to editorialize.

The answer on this side of the screen is, knowing everything we now know, Muschamp – and it’s not a debate. Did he have a crap season in 2013? Yessir. Does he also have an 11-2 record under his belt? Yessir. The guy is passionate and, by all intents and purposes, does things the “right way.”

Meyer quit twice. There’s a bad taste that lingers. He’s a great coach, but the skeevy nature in which he resigned just doesn’t sit well. It was a wild ride with Urb, but he eventually fell on the wrong side of the Vicki Mendoza diagonal.

Okay, onwards to the video.

Oh yeah, and as for that other question: it’s a no brainer. Who could say “no” to this?

Photo courtesy Reddit user xxcensormexx