FSU Moves Forward With Jameis Winston Title IX Investigation

Florida State University has moved forward with its Title IX investigation of Jameis Winston, regarding allegations that the quarterback sexually assaulted a fellow student in December of 2012.

According to USA Today, under Title IX an investigation is mandatory in all reports of sexual violence or harassment, independent of any criminal investigation. This means that even though Florida’s state attorney did not find enough substantial evidence with which to formally charge Winston, he is still subject to an internal investigation by the school to determine if there was a code of conduct violation.

John Clune, Title IX attorney for the accuser, is confident that charges will be brought against Winston, stating, “There’s no basis not to bring those charges now.”

Clune also expressed his disappointment with the delayed response by FSU.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s happening so late because it would have been nice to see this happen at a time that it might have been of help to our client,” said Clune. “But we’re encouraged that they seem to be taking this seriously and she’ll certainly help with whatever they need.”

In following up his assertion that FSU severely dragged its feet, Clune insinuated that the athletics department might wield more power than the university itself, and be the prime reason why this process has taken nearly two years. The investigation’s outcome, Clune feels, will show who truly rules the roost – athletics or academia.

“I think the issue is there are definitely some people at this university that really want to do the right thing and want to comply with the law,” said Clune. “But it seems like there’s a power struggle between those folks and people that would be just fine to just see this go away.

“We’re dealing with one of the most powerful athletic departments in the country with the No. 1 football team in the nation and I think we’ll know very shortly how much control that athletic department has.”

According to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil rights, Title IX investigations tend not to take more than 60 days.

As of post, Winston’s attorney has offered no comment.

  • Socalguy

    Why in the world has there been such a delay in investigating Winston! Sounds like another Heisman trophy will get returned. The Seminoles and the Trojans seem to be in the same predicament!

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