Jeremy Foley Twitter Q&A Is Bland But Efficient – Just Like Jeremy Foley

Jeremy Foley is arguably the best athletic director in the NCAA. The man stockpiles SEC Championships and NCAA titles across every sport, and perfectly navigates the balancing act between boosters’ expectations and reality. He’s a pro’s pro. Perhaps it’s not mutually exclusive then that he’s as quotable as a rock.

You know that ability Steve Spurrier has to turn one photo at Arby’s into a viral sensation? Or the ease with which LSU AD Joe Alleva can rip off a troll of Alabama without even being prodded? That’s not Foley. He is the perfect politician. If you’re searching for bulletin board material, it ain’t here. Again: balance.

As proof, look no further than today’s Twitter Q&A with Foley. Ever wondered what his favorite pizza in Gainesville is? His favorite sport to attend? Or who he’s rooting for to win the NBA title? The answers are (un)surprisingly bland.

Probably the biggest takeaway from the talk is his answer regarding a future football series with miami.

So yeah, the guy makes Bill Belichick or Nick Saban seem infinitely quotable. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Jeremy Foley punches the clock, guides the ship, builds the brand and hangs banners – rinse, wash, repeat. Just don’t ever expect him to brag about it.