Lunchtime Links: BCS Playoff System on the Table

Well college football fans around the country, it seems as if the “powers that be” have finally come to their senses. BCS officials, conference commissioners, and university presidents have been “in the lab with a pen and a pad” (thanks Dr. Dre).

There are several options on the table, and every individual with a hand in the decision is making sure that their concerns are considered.

If a new system is decided upon, it won’t be instituted until the 2014 season.

Following are a plethora of links to get you updated on the current BCS negotiations:

USA Today: The Rose Bowl and its longtime relationship with the Pac-12 and Big Ten won’t be an obstacle to future changes in the postseason as BCS leaders say ‘status quo is off the table’.

ESPN: Commissioners of the 11 Football Bowl Subdivisions conferences are still considering a proposal that would use a selection committee to choose the teams for a potential four-team playoff, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott and SEC commissioner Michael Slive said after BCS meetings on Wednesday.

National Football Post: BCS playoff format slowing starting to come into focus.

Fox News: Before they leave the beach, the guys who run the Bowl Championship Series want to narrow the postseason options to a few detailed plans.

ESPN Pac 12 Blog: In 2014, we will crown a college football national champion in a different way for the first time since 1997. How we might do that — and how college football divides the substantial spoils — remains a matter of intense, amorphous speculation.