VIDEO: Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez Does ‘Nae Nae’ Dance With Players

It’s become the hottest new dance to sweep the nation. From J.J. Watt to yours truly, everyone seems to be busting a move and doing the “Whip Nae Nae” dance.

The latest person to embarrass themselves break it down is Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez, who performed the move with members of the football team and Arizona’s gymnastics team:

Look, I’m not here to say I am the Michael Jackson of musical dance moves, but I know that my “Stanky Leg” is better than whatever that is RichRod is trying to do.

Of course (for those who didn’t know), the new version is just a remix of the original “Nae Nae” song that took Houston, Texas by storm and then swept the nation. Athletes from all over the country at all different levels also made themselves look silly doing that dance too (and one editor in chief from a sports website you are reading now):

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