Sanford Stadium Information & Policies

Sanford Stadium Diagram

Aisle/Section Entry

Ticket stubs should be available throughout the game to assist in seat verification and entry into each aisle or section.

Aisle Traffic

Spectators are urged to arrive at their seats well in advance of kickoff. Excessive movement on the part of spectators during the game is a common complaint to our Game Administration officials. As a courtesy to other patrons, please remain in your seat until the play has ended.

Alcohol Policy

No alcoholic beverages may be brought into Sanford Stadium. Any ticket holder apprehended in the stadium with an intoxicant will be subject to ejection without refund.


Service animals are welcome in Sanford Stadium. All other animals will not be allowed to enter.

Artificial Noisemakers

Artificial noise makers (air horns, cowbells, etc.) are not permitted in Sanford Stadium. Be considerate and allow your neighbor to enjoy the game. Please keep portable radios at a low volume.


Teller Machines are located on the 100 level of the stadium by Gate 2’s concession stand, Reed Alley by Section 108, Gate 6, Gate 9’s Food Court, on the 300 Level by Section 321, and on the 600 level by the restrooms.

Baby Changing Stations

For fans with babies, changing stations are located inside the Restrooms at Sections 102, 105, 110, 124, 129, 131, Gate 6, and all 600 level bathrooms.

Bags and Backpacks

For the safety and enjoyment of all fans attending the game, large bags over 7.5” wide and 13” long are NOT permitted into Sanford Stadium. All persons, bags, and purses are subject to inspection. Individuals that refuse to have a bag inspected will not be allowed to enter the stadium.


Signs, banners, pictures, etc., that are offensive to individuals and teams, which are not in good taste, that block the view of spectators or create a safety hazard will not be allowed. The hanging or displaying of signs on stadium walls, bleacher areas, ramps, or on an area of proximity to the stadium is prohibited as a safety precaution, and to avoid defacing of property with tape, glue, nails, or other materials. In the event of a special banner day being conducted, all signs and/or banners will be admitted through Gate 10 and must be pre-approved by game administration personnel. These signs and banners will be displayed by athletic association staff in a designated area.

Cameras and Video Cameras

All still cameras are allowed inside Sanford Stadium. Video cameras are not allowed in Sanford Stadium.

Champions Club

Champions Club ticket holders may access the Champions Club lounge two (2) hours prior to kick-off through Gates 2,3 or 4. Following the game, Champions Club members can exit through Gates 2,3 and 4. Champions Club ticket holders will have access to the Champions Club lounge via the escalators or stairs on the North side of the stadium from the Club Level. As you enter the Champions Club, your Champions Club ticket will be hole punched and you will receive a wrist band that must be placed on your wrist at this time. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TICKET STUB AND WRISTBAND AT ALL TIMES TO ACCESS THE CHAMPIONS CLUB LOUNGE.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains are available at Gates 6 & 7 and Section 610.


Elevators are located on the East side of Sanford Stadium, South Tower Entrance, at Gate 2, as well as Gate 4. Elevator access is limited to credential holders and wheelchair patrons only.

Emergency Procedures

In case of emergency, the public address announcer will notify fans of developing situations, including inclement weather, fire, power failure, and game delays. These announcements are made to let fans make informed decisios concerning their well-being and provide specific instructions about what to do. If possible, please familiarize yourself with the nearest exit points of the stadium.


All gates will open approximately two hours prior to kickoff. ALL PERSONS MUST HAVE A TICKET REGARDLESS OF AGE. Fans are reminded that Gates 1 & 10 are a service/pass gate and cannot be used for general admission.

Faculty Gates

Faculty members will be admitted at Gates 6, 7, 8, 9 and the Main Gate. Each person is required to show proper identification along with Faculty Season Tickets.

Fan Security

Event service personnel are authorized to conduct an inspection of patrons entering the stadium for the sole purpose of eliminating hard objects and containers of any type entering the stadium. This procedure is conducted for the purpose of patron safety. Ushers inside the stadium offer seating assistance and general information regarding the stadium. Uniformed police officers are available throughout the stadium.

Field Access

Only authorized personnel with proper credentials will be permitted on the field before, during or after a game. Violators will be subject to prosecution.

First-Aid/Medical Assistance

If you need first aid or medical assistance while at Sanford Stadium, please contact any event staff employee for assistance.

First Aid Stations are located beneath Section 138, behind Section 119, and on the North (203) and South (229) sections of the Club Level. Persons having any type of chronic medical problems are requested to leave their name and seat location with the Red Cross personnel on duty at the Main Station, located beneath Section 138.

If assistance is needed with a health emergency, report the situation immediately to any of the stadium ushers, Red Cross volunteers, or uniformed police officers. Red Cross volunteers wear white shirts with the Red Cross emblem on the shoulder. Red Cross lookout stations are located at the top of selected aisles in the concourse of the lower level. A Red Cross station is also located at Gate 7 of the upper level. Red Cross personnel are positioned on the 300 and 600 levels.

Food and Beverage

Food and drinks are prohibited from being brought into the stadium. Aramark Corp. is the official concessionaire for Sanford Stadium. Fans will find traditional ballpark foods throughout the stadium.

Lost Children

Parents should report any lost child to the nearest usher, security personnel, or uniformed police officer in your area.

Lost and Found

To report or claim any lost items, please locate the nearest usher or security personnel. To check for any lost items after an event, contact the Event Management Office with a description of the item. Items left more than 30 days will be donated to charity.


  • Media entrance is limited to the Player’s Gate off of East Campus Rd., Gate 8, 9A and Gate 10. Proper media credentials are required.
  • Media Will Call credentials should be picked up at Gate 8 on the South side of Sanford Stadium off of Field Street.

Prohibited Items

All food and drink containers, bottles, horns, cans, thermos bottles, ice bags, ice chests, backpacks, large bags, video cameras, strollers, infant seats, hard surfaced materials, pocket knives, or any object deemed hazardous by the game management personnel. Gate personnel are instructed to enforce this rule in the interest of safety. All bags/backpacks must meet the size specifications located at the ticket gate. Bags that cannot sit inside the 13″ x 7.5″ box are prohibited.

Stadium security has the right to inspect any item at any time for the purpose of spectator safety. Prohibited items must be returned to cars or disposed of before entering the stadium.

Public Address

Messages for the public address announcer are acceptable only for medical emergencies and must be approved by the Press Box Director.

Player Family Gates

The family and guests of Georgia players will enter Sanford Stadium off of Field St. through Gate 7B.

The family and guests of the visiting players will enter Sanford Stadium off of East Campus Rd. through Gate 5.

Program Sales

Game programs will be sold inside Sanford Stadium as well as numerous locations outside the stadium. Official game programs will be sold for $5.00 at Gates 2, 4, 6, 9, & 10.

Public Phones

There are no public telephones inside Sanford Stadium.


Per Southeastern Conference rules, no re-entry is permitted at any gate. If you leave the stadium, you must have a new ticket to be admitted.


Ladies’ and men’s restrooms are located on all concourses. Additional ladies’ and men’s restrooms are located underneath the West End Stands.


Tickets may not be sold on UGA premises except by authorized personnel of the Athletic Association.


Stadium Seatback chairs can be purchased at booths located at Gates 2, 6, 7, & 9.

Smoking & Tobacco Policy

In accordance with the University of Georgia policy, the Athletic Association has declared all areas of Sanford Stadium smoke/tobacco free. Anyone violating this policy will be subject to removal from the stadium.


Strollers are not allowed inside Sanford Stadium.

Student Gates

All current UGA students with a student ticket should enter Sanford Stadium through the Student Ticket gates located at the Main Gate, Gate 2, Gate 4A, and Gate 5. You must provide a valid student ID when using a student ticket.

Recruit Gates

All football recruits should enter Sanford Stadium through Gate 1 only.

All non-football student-athlete recruits should enter Sanford Stadium through Gate 10A.


SkyClub ticket holders may access the SkyClub Lounge two (2) hours prior to kick-off through Gate 7A on Field Street on the south side of Sanford Stadium SkyClub ticket holders will access the SkyClub lounge via their exclusive elevator or the stairs at Gate 7A. There is a SkyClub entrance sign at this location.

As you enter the elevator or stairs at Field Street, your SkyClub ticket will be torn, a hole will be punched in your ticket, and you will receive a wristband that must be placed on your wrist at this time. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TICKET STUB AND WRISTBAND AT ALL TIMES TO ACCESS THE SKYCLUB LOUNGE. For your convenience, SkyClub ticket holders may access the stadium through the SkyClub elevator in the East Wing of the SkyClub Lounge or the aisle openings at Sections 327 & 335.

SkyClub ticket holders may exit the SkyClub via the stairs at the center, east, and west sides of the SkyClub Lounge. The SkyClub elevator may also be used for exiting.

The SkyClub elevator is NOT handicapped accessible. Entrance and exit will be via the West elevators of the South Tower gate. Please see a SkySuite Ambassador for assistance at South Tower Gate.


On the day of a football game in Sanford Stadium, the SkySuites shall be available to suiteholders two (2) hours prior to kick-off for the football game and remain available until one (1) hour after the game concludes.

Access to the SkySuites South will be from an exclusive gate along Field Street located between Gates 7 and 8. The gate will be known as the South Tower Gate. Four large elevators will provide an entrance for suiteholders and their guests to their suites. The elevators will access Field Street (gate entrance level), both levels of suites and the Club Level. Every individual entering the South Tower Gate must present a SkySuite game ticket. At entry, each ticket will be hole punched.

On the day of a football game in Sanford Stadium, the SkySuites shall be available to suiteholders two (2) hours prior to kick-off for the football game and remain available until one (1) hour after the game concludes.

Access to the SkySuites (North) will be from Gates 2,3 or 4. Two passenger elevators located inside Stair Tower #2 and two located inside Stair Tower #5, located directly inside the stadium, will take the SkySuite ticket holders to the North SkySuites level. Every individual entering the North SkySuite Level must present a SkySuite game ticket. At entry, each ticket will be hole punched.

Thrown Items

Cans, bottles, beach balls, balloons or any items which might be thrown on the field are not permitted in Sanford Stadium. Violators will be subject to prosecution.


All ticket sales are final. All persons must have a ticket regardless of age. The holder of the ticket is restricted to the section, row, and seat of ticket held. Tickets can’t be refunded nor replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed. Holder of tickets to University of Georgia athletic events agrees to abide by stadium and University policies.

The University of Georgia Athletic Association reserves the right to revoke tickets by refund of purchase price.


Umbrellas are not allowed inside Sanford Stadium.


Wheelchair seating is located in the West End of Sanford Stadium three locations at the top of the lower level (Sections 113, 123, and 136), and the 600 level on the North Side. All seats must be accompanied by a ticket purchased at regular price through the Athletic Ticket Office. These locations are the only authorized areas for wheelchairs in Sanford Stadium. Seating space is available for one guest at these locations.

Will Call/Ticket Problems

All ticket problems and patron Will Call tickets should be directed to the East End ticket window located off of East Campus Road adjacent to the Georgia Letterman’s Club.

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