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Where to Be

Jordan-Hare Stadium is conveniently located in the center of Auburn’s campus, making campus the perfect place to set up tailgate. Auburn is one of the most tailgate friendly schools, with pretty much everywhere being first come first serve. The southwest side of the stadium, mainly along Wire Road, is more open and is a popular place to set up shop. If there is a piece of grass we suggest snagging it up, because any available areas will fill quickly, and by quickly we mean Friday afternoon. You can start officially claiming your space and setting up your tailgate at 4 pm on Friday. We have always had good luck on the corner of Roosevelt Dr and Wire Rd.

Helpful Tips

  • Plan on setting up shop early, but not earlier than 4pm on Friday. Reserve your spot with any of the following; pop-up tent, ribbons, chairs, tables, stakes, etc. If you are going to reserve your spot with a pop-up tent, we suggest taking the canopy off, and leaving the tent half erected.We have never had any problems with theft, as Auburn fans are pretty respectable of other tailgaters equipment.
  • Tents with stakes longer than 12′ (larger event tents), are required to have a permit. Contact Auburn Tents (334) 844-9447for more information.
  • For those of you looking to have a larger event with amplified sound contact (334) 844-9447.
  • Plan to bring your own power sources (i.e. generator) because using University utilities is not allowed.

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Family Friendly Tailgating

Coca-Cola Tiger Fan Fest is a “FanZone” style entertainment area located in front of the Nichols Center on Donahue. Tiger Fan Fest opens 4 hours prior to kick-off. Stop by to watch the “War Eagle Warm-Up” and “Red Diamond Tiger Tailgate Show” live on-stage from the Wallace Lawn. The Verizon Wireless Autograph Tent will have a different Auburn sports team each week signing autographs while Coca-Cola has provided inflatables for kids to enjoy. Each week fans have opportunities to earn prizes, play games, get giveaways or have a taste of sponsor products. Make it a part of your Auburn pre-game tradition.

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Tailgating Rules & Regulations

All in all Auburn is a pretty tailgater friendly town and university. Open-containers are usually not much of a concern if you aren’t out of control. Follow the rules listed below and you should have no problem with any of the authorities.

Amplified Sound/Entertainment Events

Special permits are required for outdoor entertainment events with amplified sound. Permit requests must be submitted at least 14 days in advance and must include a list of required information for the request to be approved. Requests should be made to 334-844-4619. The outdoor entertainment permit will specify the location and other requirements to ensure that the event is conducted in a safe manner.


It is unlawful to use any university utilities.

Garbage Disposal

Please keep campus beautiful by placing all trash and recycling in the proper bins located throughout the university tailgate areas, RV lots and stadium for your convenience. Litter and recycling bags will also be distributed in tailgate areas and RV lots to help keep the university litter-free. Please see the Game Day map for trash and recycling locations


Generators are not allowed within 50 feet of campus buildings.

Grills/Open Flames

Grills are not allowed within 50 feet of campus buildings or in other designated no-grill areas. All fires must be contained within grills or other containers designed specifically for that purpose. Extinguish charcoal fires thoroughly with water before leaving them unattended. Place extinguished charcoal in designated containers or remove it from campus for disposal. Do not dump charcoal on the ground or in dumpsters. Tailgating and grilling are not allowed in the parking decks.

Reserving Spaces

No one is allowed to reserve legal, paved parking spaces in the parking decks or university parking lots. Reserving tailgating spots in grass areas using stakes, ropes, ribbons, tape, chairs, tables, tents, vehicles or other items is not allowed until 4 p.m. on Friday, except for specially-permitted University events. Items found before then are subject to removal without notice or reimbursement.


Solicitation on the Auburn University campus, without the express written consent of Auburn University or its agents, is strictly prohibited.

Tailgating Hours

Tailgating is not allowed on campus until 4 p.m. on Friday.


Tents with stakes shorter than 12-inches may be set up after 4 p.m. on Fridays. Permits are required for any tent with stakes that are 12-inches or longer. Permit requests are handled online at www.auburn.edu/tents or 334-844-4619.

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