Tailgating Evanston – Northwestern Wildcats

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Where To Be

Football Campus Tailgate Lots

When it comes to Northwestern tailgating you shouldn’t expect a rowdy atmosphere, however there are still plenty of good tailgating areas to be had at Northwestern. Unfortunately there aren’t any tailgating/parking lot options directly around the stadium for visiting fans, so don’t plan on parking at the stadium. The tailgating lots for visitors and the general public are located on Northwestern’s campus which is a little less than 2 miles to the southeast of the stadium. Here you can park and tailgate, and come game time hop a free shuttle ride to the stadium. The North Beach Lot (Lot #1) and MLS Lot (Lot #2) located in north central campus are usually the most lively tailgate areas. Season Ticket holders fill the parking lots directly around Ryan Field, and heading here is always an option if you want to mingle with Wildcat fans.

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Family Friendly Tailgating

Another option for fans is Wildcat Alley. This pregame event is put on by Northwestern and features NU Marching Band, Wildcat cheerleaders, and Willie the Wildcat. Wildcat Alley is located on the field just northeast of Ryan Field. It opens two hours before kickoff and admission is free for everyone. There are also local businesses that sponsor events in Wildcat Alley for adults and children.

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Tailgating Rules & Regulations

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