Connor Brewer transferring from Texas, where might he be headed?

Texas Longhorns quarterbacks Connor Brewer (7) and John Wilder (17) and David Ash (14) and Case McCoy (6) warm up during spring practice at Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Brewer (7) is transferring from Texas with quarterbacks John Wilder (17), David Ash (14) and Case McCoy (6) ahead of him on the depth chart. (Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports)

After watching the relative ineptitude at the quarterbacking position since the departure of Colt McCoy, you would be hard-pressed to convince someone that Texas actually has a crowded depth chart at the position. After redshirting his freshman season in 2012, we’re willing to bet that Connor Brewer was just as surprised as anyone.

As a prep superstar in Arizona, Brewer tossed more than 100 touchdowns and led his high school team to three state championships. When he committed to Texas, Garrett Gilbert was busy leading the team to a 5-7 record, then McCoy’s little brother, Case, was struggling trying to replace him and finally David Ash was struggling trying to replace Case.

But things change. Ash showed marked improvement as his sophomore season drew on a year ago and he has only tightened his grip on the starter’s reins through the spring and into the summer. McCoy is slotted in as Ash’s backup as a senior.

That left Brewer to compete with true freshman Tyrone Swoopes for the third-string role. Swoopes, as athletic as anyone in the program, wowed during spring practice and looks to be the future of Horns football.

Unfortunately for Brewer, who came to Austin as the No. 7-rated quarterback nationally by ESPN and the No. 130-overall player at any position, there is only room for one “quarterback of the future” at any given program. The 6-foot-2, 195-pound Scottsdale native has thus announced his intention to transfer, and the next logical question is simple: Where to?

Brewer had offers from Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas A&M, UCLA, USC and Washington out of high school. That is a pretty impressive list of names.

And in the 24 hours since his announcement that he will be transferring, Brewer reports that he already has been in contact with some of those teams – although he has not mentioned who quite yet.

“There are definitely a lot of schools that are interested,” Brewer said. “A lot of schools that recruited me are coming back in the picture, which is good news.”

Unlike the situation that transpired between Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy and QB Wes Lunt, when coach kept player from transferring to any schools in the Big 12, Pac-12 or SEC, Brewer has been granted an unconditional release.

The young man is hoping to allow his decision to percolate for a little while, as a result.

“I’m just playing it by ear,” he said. “Just getting in contact with schools over the next couple of days.”

Remember, this young superstar only lost two games in his entire high school career (meaning he won more state titles than that, quite impressive). He is obviously highly competitive, and moving on to a new location in order to play was not an easy decision to come to.

“It was a really long and hard decision for me to actually leave the University of Texas just because it’s obviously the school I committed to,” he said. “I committed there for a reason. I had hopes and dreams to play. I loved everything about the academics, the coaches, the support from the fans. Everything that came along with it was top of the line. I know in the future they will be doing great things. But for me, as a player, I just felt like there are better opportunities to go out and play quicker somewhere. Ultimately, I think that’s what it came down to.”

Hopefully, the stable of young arms that have remained in Austin will perform up to their potential, making Brewer’s decision a good one for all parties involved.

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    I believe Texas has been mishandling the Quarterback position. First they favored Gilbert y only working him as Backup to Colt McCoy. Then he mentally froze as starting Quarterback, giving rise to attention for Ash and McCoy, while
    neglecting tremendous potential (Body Speed and Arm) Connor Wood who then transferred. Texas Quarterback became only mediocre good with these two-we still favor these two with another serious neglect of Connor Brewer (a very good talent similar to Colt McCoy as they both know how to win). So now, Brewer is about to transfer. Let’s give adequate attention to Ash and McCoy, but put some high priority attention on Swoops and Overstreet, who can both Pass and run, are energetic, are good leaders, and can move the Texas Quarterback position to Very Good. With decent training, they can operate any formation-like Wood would have done as when Gilbert departed all backup Quarterbacks received game snaps experience and Wood would have mentally recorded the new Harson offense. which was his only drawback. A very good Texas Quarterback would have really helped us last year, and we would have had At Least 10 Wins that would have kept the Texas players in much better spirits and inspiration.