Safety Craig Dahl signs three-year contract with 49ers with a feather pen [Photo]

craig dahl 49res contract feather pen 2013

NFL’s free agency period is still very much in full swing. The San Francisco 49ers made a move to help keep its secondary dominant in inking safety Craig Dahl to a three-year deal on Saturday.

Dahl was a 16-game starter for the St. Louis Rams in 2012, but he will be lacing them up with the division rival Niners next year.

Perhaps somebody should let Mr. Dahl know that it will be 2013, however.

When news broke that Von Miller had been cut by the Denver Broncos because he didn’t get his restructured contract faxed in in time, the Twitterverse exploded over the fact that the NFL still actually uses fax machines.

Hey, at least that’s not nearly as antiquated as a feather pen.

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  • Matt

    He just went from being the Rams worst player, to being their best player twice a year