Think Musberger talking about McCarron’s girlfriend was wild? Listen to these guys [Video]

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The BCS National Championship game was a blowout in every sense of the word, resulting in the wandering of millions of eyes across the country.

Wandering, that is, from Alabama’s AJ McCarron, the quarterback on the field, to Katherine Webb, his girlfriend in the stands.

The game was so boring, in fact, that even the announcers couldn’t help themselves. Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger were definitely caught drooling over her in the middle of the game, but what they had to say about Miss Alabama (seriously, she’s Miss Alabama, no less) pales in comparison to these ‘bros’ here.

ESPN had to apologize for Musberger’s and Herbstreit’s behavior on air — do you think they’ll have anything to say about these dudes?

So much more Webb on the web, and in print: McCarron’s girlfriend was on the cover of the New York Post.