Random Musing: A Cross Fit ‘Twerk Off’ Competition, hosted by Uncle Luke is really happening

uncle luke twerk off competitionThere is almost too much going on in this event poster to process, so let us try to dissect it for you.

The Crush Games are putting on a Muscle Pool Party at Finnegans on the River in Miami, FL. The event is being described as “A SoFla Cross Fit Community Event Beyond the WOD.” If you aren’t familiar with the Cross Fit craze, WOD stands for “workout of the day.” It’s intense, and it has actually killed people.

So whatever is going down at this pool party must be on another level.

But wait, it gets better, way better. None other than Miami’s own Uncle Luke will be in the building to host a “Twerk Off” competition. Is there a better person on the planet to crown South Florida’s “ultimate twerker” (or something like that)? We think not.

For those who want to learn how to twerk, here’s your lesson:

[H/T @drywallsarcasm]