Dallas Latos claims she was attacked by Pirates fan at PNC Park

Photo: Instagram/dallaslatos

Photo: Instagram/dallaslatos

Dallas Latos, wife of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos, was in the building for Tuesday night’s National League Wild Card game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

According to her tweets, her night went about as well as her husband’s teams. The Reds lost 6-2, but Latos apparently didn’t even get to see it.

Latos claims a female Pirates fan at the Budweiser bar attacked and punched her in the head multiple times.

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According to one of her tweets, “ball-less” nerds – whatever that term means – took video of the incident. If that’s the case, they will likely end up on YouTube.

We’re not saying it didn’t happen, but in a stadium full of people, how there weren’t enough witnesses for police to react to such a claim is a little suspicious.

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