Danny Amendola’s father sues Cowboys Stadium over runaway golf cart

dallas cowboys jerry jones sued runaway golf cart

Danny Amendola recently signed a multi-million dollar free agent contract with the New England Patriots. After being hit by a runaway golf cart during a Texas high school state championship game on Dec. 17, 2011, Amendola’s father, Willie, is set to be paid by another NFL team.

The Dallas Cowboys and their owner, Jerry Jones.

According to MySanAntonio.com, the elder Amendola has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Cowboys Stadium after an end zone pylon landed on the accelerator of a golf cart and plowed into him while speaking with a group of reporters.

Amendola’s Spring Dekaney team had just taken down Steele 34-14 for the state title. The state media was getting quotes from him when the golf cart went wild.

While, luckily, no one was badly injured, Amendola’s suit claims physical pain, “mental anguish,” “loss of earning capacity” and “loss of enjoyment.” Further, in the YouTube age we live in today, the video below went viral, causing Amendola “great personal embarrassment”.

After watching the video and understanding that it took place in a stadium that cost more than a billion dollars to build, it is safe to say that Amendola’s state title-winning bonus is going to be far more lucrative than originally expected.

  • larry

    another whiney bitch with his hand out… we need lawsuit reform, the european version, yesterday !!! if the losers were responsible for the winners’ legal fees, all this crap, all these ambulance chasers, encouraging you to sue if you catch a cold would disappear overnight… do you know why new York got all the lawyers and new jersey got all the toxic waste dumps ?… new jersey got first choice …

    • Harley4

      My girlfriend said kiss me where it smells. So I drove her to Jersey!!!

  • speedle24

    You are right Larry. This is disgusting, and is a testament as to why we have the political climate we now have.

  • patcards

    I agree. We need tort reform now. Unfortunately, everyone wants a free lunch. That free lunch costs people actually working in the US.