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Darnell Dockett now engaged in Twitter war with Chris Rix on sexuality [*NSFW*]

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You may not be able to find Darnell Dockett on eHarmony or Christian Mingle or JDate or whatever, but the Arizona Cardinals big man has been working tirelessly to score a date on Twitter.

During the BCS National Championship game, the camera panned over to Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb (perhaps you’ve heard about this?). Immediately, Dockett turned to Twitter, asking her out in public in what was supposed to be a direct message.

Of course, McCarron was not going to take this dude’s approach lightly. The two-time national champion signal-caller and boyfriend of Miss Alabama called out Dockett hard on the old Twitter, igniting a virtual war that they were taking seriously and the rest of us had the chance to laugh at.

[Related: Just a really great pic of Katherine Webb and her friends in a bikini, because why not?]

Now, it looks like the ACC is getting in on the action. Chris Rix, a former Florida State quarterback, questioned Dockett’s sexuality during a radio interview.

Yeah, that’s not going to make the dude very happy. Luckily for everyone, however, all Dockett is really doing is venting with his fingers — because why risk any actual personal interaction these days?


If Dockett was really smart, he’d ask out the Tennessee Fax Girl.

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