Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett asks out AJ McCarron’s girlfriend over Twitter

AJ McCarron’s girlfriend has been blowing up Twitter, but some dudes still haven’t learned how to hit on girls on it.

Well, we can’t say we blame Darnell Dockett, a captain of the Arizona Cardinals.

What we can blame is his ineptitude with Twitter — it’s time to either go to a bar and hit on someone in person or learn how to mack on Twitter the right way.

The dude quickly deleted the Tweet, telling the world that it was supposed to be a direct message.

So, what’s the worst part of all of this?

That fact that Dockett just embarrassed himself on Twitter, or the fact that he is comfortable enough asking out other people’s girlfriends that he never apologized to McCarron for his utter lack of class?

Let us know what you think about all the mess around McCarron’s Miss Alabama beau in the comments section below!

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