Darnell Dockett seriously wants to bring his pet tiger to Arizona practice

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Darnell Dockett is not only the guy with the crazy-intense facemask/visor combo (see above), but he’s also the Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle with the crazy Twitter account (see below).

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The former Florida State star tweeted the photo below and included the fact that he wants to bring his new pet – called Little Buddy, because it’s not going to grow to 500 pounds or anything like that – to a practice one day.

As it turns out, Dockett was serious. Well, at least as serious as a dude who now owns a pet tiger can be.

“I’m trying to bring him to training camp,” Dockett told Fox Sports 910 (via PFT). “I don’t know if they’ll let me, but we’re going to see.”

Indeed we shall. In all likelihood, the team would have been a lot more comfortable with Dockett’s desire to bring a monkey to Arizona’s facilities. However, the big man was not able to complete that purchase, despite offering a whopping 30 grand for the pet.

“I didn’t buy the pet monkey,” Dockett said. “The dude would not sell it. I offered him a price that the only other person who would offer him that much is probably Michael Jackson, rest in peace, but he wouldn’t even entertain my offer when it came to the monkey.”

Too bad, honestly. The only thing cooler than a pet monkey is of course a pet monkey dressed up like a little butler. Dockett could even have taught it to bring him beers (or water bottles in-season, right?), nacho plates or whatever else it is that Dockett may wish to consume.

At least Little Buddy is utterly adorable. By our estimation, it is probably better to bring it to practice now rather than in a year or two when it has put on some weight. But then again, are we seriously talking about bringing a tiger to a football practice?

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